Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fumbling About for the Sake of an Announcement

Posted by risma wanti at 5:00 PM
Ah, crud. It's been longer than I thought. Let me just streeeeeeetch out these cramped-up fingers of mine.... because, really, I haven't done much writing since I started The Great Blog Break of 2013. Instead I have focused my time on frivolous TV dramas, not doing laundry, and occasional e-mails of false promises to my faithful e-friend, Jessie. Specifically, my intentions to blog and send her a small gift (I will! I will!). Jessie, I'm sorry that I enrolled you in a crash course in my advanced procrastination course. You didn't ever ask for it, so I will waive your tuition fees and send you a nice little gift (someday! soon!) for all of your troubles.

ANYWAY. The purpose of this brief, untimely blog post is not to beat me up too much, Dear Reader. Rather I'm here to keep things fresh; dust off the cobwebs; and not use it or lose it. What I'm trying to say is this: I'm going to recap Project Runway All-Stars, or what should be better known as the Poor Man's Project Runway.

Me too, Tim Gunn. [source]

I'm pretty sure I'm one of five human beings alive that watch Project Runway, and one of three that watch the All-Stars. But, I still like it and it'll get me back in shape for The Main Event (I know, Bachelor haters are sighing hard right now). Also, hopefully, as a consequence I might actually share a post with you that has nothing to do with reality television. Emphasis on hopefully, might, maybe, possibly - only God knows.

Unfortunately Tim Gunn is NOT EVEN IN All Stars. What's the point?! [source]

Now that I've got the blood flowing in my fingers again, you'll see me back here tomorrow with a recap from last Thursday's episode.




How do I end these again?


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