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Seven Quick Takes: Mediocre Edition

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Seven Quick Takes comin' atcha, like they occasionally do. Linking up with Jennifer. Duh.

Do you ever have those days when you're driving and you take a too-sharp-of turn here or a slam-on-your-breaks there and think: "I really shouldn't be driving today."? Come on, Reader, I can't be the only one who has a standard of driving that I'm not always capable of meeting.

Well, for me, that day of sub-par driving was yesterday. I typed about it in less than 140 characters yesterday but brevity is not my forte so I'm back to disinterest you some more about it. With that limited word space I couldn't tell you about how I came close to a collision twice, how I sped past a cop, or even about the several curbs I drove over. Honestly, that's not normal for me (well, speeding is...). I'm a good driver, me swears it. And I'm not saying "Oh, I'm a good driver..." in the way that my old boss would, which she would follow it up with a very serious: "... I've only had one rollover." One rollover does not a good driver make.

Nothing makes me feel more ladylike than the days when Kevin has taken my car and I'm climbing up into this big racked beast in a skirt.

I'm a big fan of Spotify. In case you don't know it's a downloadable music player that has a radio (like Pandora) or the option of streaming full albums. It's great.

Anyway, I'm probably late to the game on this (wait... is that a saying? Probably not.) but I can't get enough of Fitz and the Tantrums' album More Than Just a Dream. Specifically this and this. A friend of mine who is hip, lovely, and shall remain anonymous was listening to it with me. A few songs into it we had this conversation:

Unnamed Friend: Is this still Fritz and the Thing?
Chalayn: *giggles quietly*
Unnamed Friend: Fritz and the People!


But if you're looking for a new band name, Reader, there's two good ones that are not already taken.

I can't get enough stuffed avocado. I loosely follow this recipe but I'm prettttty sure mine is more delicious.

I promise there's an avocado under there. I will share the recipe with you soon.

Speaking of food, I had a disappointing tofu experience this week. I've told you about how this town I live in has a lack of fluent vegan speaking restaurants, but I haven't given up and I still go out to eat in this culturally-depraved dump (I mean that in a kind of endearing way, of course). I met a friend for lunch at a teriyaki place, which usually has good food. I mixed things up and got the Tofu Teriyaki expecting to get sauteed, chopped up tofu and veggies in teriyaki sauce. This is what I got:

Yes, that is an ENTIRE BRICK of tofu, still in it's native form. Sliced up, breaded, no seasoning. I usually like tofu, but YUCK. It was all so flavorless and mushy. The breading kept sliding off when I'd put teriyaki sauce on it and halfway through my brick I developed a slight headache. Never again.

I mean, really, that's like if a Mexican restaurant brought out refried beans in the shape of the can.

Bon appetit. [source]

Sydney has me seriously rethinking my opposition against harem pants. I know. I bet you'd never ever thought you'd read that sentence from anyone BUT the idea of essentially wearing pajama pants in public really appeals to me. I am, after all, a constant robe wearer at home and I love the two maxi skirts I own because it feels like I'm wearing a very light blanket all day long.

So, I may have to get a pair. You have been warned.

Recently my office moved from a smelly duplex office space to a shiny, brick, architecturally-designed office space. My own office is smaller than the last place but I've made it really special and a true representation of my personal style. Kayla's fantastic office redo has inspired me to show you how it's all coming along. Don't get jealous, Reader!

1a. Tiny office.
1b. Handmedown photo of Mt. St. Helens blowin' up. The boss wanted it in the lobby but his boss (coughhiswifecough) said it was too faded and nasty to be where people see it.... so I took it. I'm going to call it "vintage shabby chic."

2. My customized bejeweled post-it notes purse and stapler. Man, I feel like a woman.

3a. White board on my desk because I need a man to drill some holes in the wall for me. I have meticulously decorated it with directions for how to hang up the whiteboard, with markers, magnets that came with it, and two photos my dad gave me from our snowmobiling trip. OBVIOUSLY I like to put a lot of effort into my office decorations so I slapped all those babies up. However, upon further investigation I noticed the only photo in my office of my husband and I is one where his eyes are closed and I'm wearing a padded suit that makes me look about 100 pounds heavier. (See image below)
3b. Naked corkboard near my only window. Minimalist chic.

Eyes closed. Helmet and fat suit.

So, Kayla, if you're reading this and want some extra advice on how to make your adorable office even cuter, feel free to give me a call. I'm sure I could spare a few dirty photos and a corkboard to lean against your wall or something. So, yeah, let me know if you're interested in another remodel. Wink.

Last night my cousin Desi showed up and we kicked off Cousinfest by making a late night Target run and painting our nails. Tonight we are seeing The Avett Brothers again, so that should be a real hoot.

I invite you to catch up on our other Cousinfests here, here, and here. Or, if you've had your fill of me, go check out Jennifer for some quicker, possibly better takes.


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